Through the foundation of branding, Leslie Ann Akin helps her clients enlarge their business presence while they enlarge their sense of self and their own capabilities.

Since 1989 Leslie Ann has designed graphics and developed a strong following for her distinctive style of personal and business branding. Her grasp of design and ability to understand what her clients wants, even if her client can’t verbalize it, is something that comes naturally to her.

Leslie was a professional clown for 15 years and even performed twice at The White House. She was a jazz radio DJ for 12 years in San Francisco and her design studio was voted business of the year.

Leslie The Brand Boss works with smart people who want to show up in a bigger way. They have more to accomplish in their lives and are at a crossroads in defining how to move forward in a significant manner. That’s where your heartburn ends, and Leslie Ann’s work begins.

Leslie has enjoyed meeting her clients in her Lake Oswego office, and on the now popular zoom chats.

Leslie The Brand Boss


The trend to brand your business is hot.

Here’s why.

Your brand, whether it’s a business or personal brand, helps a potential client identify you from other similar businesses. Branding is the essence of authenticity and how you want people to feel about your business. Everything from your values, your logo, to your website, they way you show up at meetings, even how you package your products or services represents your brand. A consistently presented and splendid brand will help customers to decide that you should be their first choice.

Book Covers


As a graphic designer who has created everything from brands and business cards to billboards, it’s disappointing to see talented authors create less than professional, high-impact book covers that truly sell their books in every way, starting with emotional impact.

Content is king, but the face of your book is an elemental expression of professionalism and credibility. When a cover appears weak or confusing, it doesn’t speak to the validity of the author.

Why take shortcuts as you’re finalizing your book cover’s visual impact? You’re preparing to unleash your heart, your compelling story or advice, and your hard earned knowledge. Make it count in a big way.

Branded Memes Grow your Following

Stand Up Banners Stand Out not In

Jest for Clowns Digital Magazine


  • It was so fun to work with you. Lots of awesome graphic surprises. I realized I felt like a circle had been completed. I’ve thrown mucho dinero at poor designs, advertising, creating meetups, domains etc. It’s such a relief to come out of a project with something so beautiful and useable.  

    Allison Grace
  • I love my table top banner! My graphic designer is so amazing! Her branding skills are on point! Leslie Ann Akin is the very best!

    Vanessa Truett
  • Leslie is amazing. She was imaging my brand as I was speaking to her about my desires, and when we went to her studio, she came up with the perfect brand in a matter of minutes. She can intuit what you want with ease and grace. Give her a try for your brand!

    Anita Stewart
  • Leslie is absolutely amazing to work with. She is quick, and has excellent intuition about you and your business. I highly recommend her to help entrepreneurs build their brand.

    Cindy Hooker
  • Leslie Ann, thank you for spending time with me today. Your humor is delightful, and contagious! You also know how to be serious and sincere; a wonderful combo.

    Elizabeth Spitzer


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